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Subscription fatigue? We've got the cure.

Narrandum now offers a lifetime subscription plan. Find out why.

By Narrandum team
18 August 2020

In these days of everything-as-a-service, there are a bewildering number of companies competing for a slice of your organisation's monthly revenue. A few dollars per user per month for Slack or email seems fair for such essential services. A couple of dollars more for specialised tools like Sketch or Figma is easily justified. But pretty soon, the costs start to add up. Adobe Creative Suite will eat quite a chunk of change if you're buying licences for a whole design studio, and specialised tools for sales, finance and HR can cost absolutely eye-watering amounts.

By the time you've got everything you need up and running, it can all seem a bit much. Leaving aside the expense, just maintaining all those accounts across so many different service providers can be a headache. The job is one nobody wants to take on, and often falls on IT staff who already have more than enough on their plates. The result is that when you go to ask if you can use some new service, the response is "Another subscription? Do we really need it?"

It's something we at Narrandum have become especially aware of since COVID-19 sent us all home to work remotely. Some services have gone from "handy tool we use once in a while" to "absolutely indispensible to our daily productivity". And all too often the features we depend on come at a price.

As a small outfit just entering the market, we've found something happening which we didn't plam for. Not only are we competing for business with other similar services, but we also find ourselves fighting for a seat at the table with every other tool that claims to help remote teams work more effectively. Potential clients are saying "This is great, but we've already signed up for so many new services we're not sure if we have the appetite for another one." We were prepared to hustle for market share against our direct competitors, but not against thousands of services we've never even heard of!

So we decided we had to do something about this subscription fatigue. After all, we're all about understanding customers' pain points and finding solutions.

It's time for lifetime subscriptions. Pay once and you get every upgrade and new feature, for as long as we're around.

We thought long and hard about what we could charge for this. Designers who come to depend on Narrandum could go on using it for years, so do we ask for 24 months of subscription fees up front? Or is such a large sum likely to put people off? On the other hand, if we set it too low, are we selling ourselves short? It's quite the quandary.

In the end, we set the price at the equivalent of five months' subscription fees. This is around the length of a typical project, so if you think you'll be using Narrandum for longer than that, it's worth your while to go for the lifetime plan.

Of course, the regular monthly subscription remains available for anybody who doesn't need to commit for that long, or who wants to turn their subscription on and off as required. Don't worry, it won't be going anywhere. We just wanted to offer an alternative that was more appealing than "yet another subscription, but with a bit of a discount".

We think it offers outstanding value for money, and we hope you agree. But you don't need to pay a penny to try Narrandum out - sign up for free now, use it for as long as you like, and subscribe whenever you're ready.

Thanks for reading.

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