What is a narrandum, anyway?

By Narrandum team
17 January 2020

It's hard to pick a good name for a new .com. If you want to find something which is a) memorable, b) pronounceable, and c) meaningful, you've really got your work cut out for you. Pretty much every word in the dictionary was snapped up by the end of the last century, and even combinations of two words can be hard to find. So what do you do?

One tried and tested option is to go for a funky, novel misspelling of a common word, like Flickr, Reddit or Dribbble. Or maybe combine a couple of short words into something relevant, like Facebook or Snapchat. Perhaps a bit of both, like Netflix?

Failing that, a neologism like Figma or Instagram might do. Or if you're lucky enough to have lots of VC funding (by the way, we would love to have lots of VC funding), maybe you can throw money at buying something catchy like Uber or Slack.

Alas, being a penniless bootstrapped startup, throwing money at the problem was not an option available to us. So we had to come up with something original. We went through all kinds of ideas related to storytelling, spinning yarns, muses, you name it. But for one reason or another, none of them quite worked.

It's funny how sometimes the smallest details take the longest time to get right, and this was no exception. We spent *months* brainstorming and rejecting possibilities:

"Very clever, but nobody will know what it means."

"That's impossible to pronounce if you're not a native English speaker."

"That's impossible to pronounce if you are a native English speaker."

"Too silly."

And so on.

In the end, it came out of the blue while meditating on the word "narrative". Narrandum! Meaning "that which should be told". It was easy to remember, it gave people some idea of what to expect, and most importantly – the domain was available! Done.

I knew five years of studying Latin would come in handy one day.

Thanks for reading.

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