Common Mistakes That Affect the Immigration Process

Immigrants are bound to make some common mistakes during the immigration process. However, the good news is that there are several ways to avoid these mistakes with the help of the best immigration consultants in Dubai. In this article, we’ll talk about how to avoid common mistakes, from failing to file forms on time to misinterpretations of immigration law on the part of adjudicators. Read on to learn how to avoid these mistakes and how to avoid them altogether.

Common mistakes immigrants make in the immigration process:

There are many common mistakes immigrants make during the immigration process. These mistakes can delay the process or even result in the denial of your application. Even the most intelligent applicants are likely to make mistakes in the process. There are many forms that you need to complete and submit, but if you don’t follow the guidelines correctly, it could lead to your case getting rejected. Below are four common mistakes immigrants make during the immigration process.

Not signing your application:

Not signing your application is the most common mistake immigrants make. If you don’t sign your application, it will be immediately rejected. Although this mistake is not a denial, it can delay the process and waste time. Make sure to sign all of your documents! Also, never ask a friend to fill out your application, as their knowledge of immigration law may not be as thorough as you are. Finally, don’t file too early.

Problems with completing forms on time:

One of the most common reasons people are denied an immigrant visa is because they do not complete the required immigration forms on time. While the 1952 Immigration Act included a “nunc pro tunc” fix to allow for late requests, that provision is no longer in place. This provision applies to changes of status and extensions. USCIS has reminded applicants of this provision in April 2020. While intended to give flexibility during COVID, nunc pro tunc was not approved since 2017.

Misinterpretations of immigration law by adjudicators:

In some countries, misinterpretations of immigration laws by adjudicators can have a drastic impact on the immigration process. The applicant must prove their admissibility to gain entry. These are some common and minor mistakes that can delay your immigration process. However, a good immigration consultant can help you speed up your visa process.