Consider These Four Tips for an Inspiring Exhibition Stand Design

There are many inspirations for your exhibition stand design in Dubai. Consider these four tips: Modular, Light, Color, and Island. These are all important considerations for any successful exhibition stand. Once you’ve chosen the most appropriate style, think about the other elements you want to showcase. Using these tips will help you develop the most memorable exhibition stand possible. Here are a few of our favorite examples. You might find them useful for your next trade show.


The best modular exhibition stands incorporate multi-functional elements that are adaptable to changing business needs. Whether you need to display a product or a service, the right display can provide an immersive experience for visitors. Here are a few design inspirations for your modular exhibition stand. You can use a banner stand for most of your display, leaving the remaining space as a meeting area. The banner stand system consists of a lightweight frame that uses 3D fabric graphics covering five sides of the display. It will save you on stand design costs because you’ll be able to leave most of the branding work to the graphics.


The most striking feature of the exhibition stand is the seven-meter-wide golden bar with bubbling bubbles rising from its center. The bubbles are made of translucent acrylic spheres that mimic the physical behavior of sparkling bubbles. A lighting system accentuates the bubbles’ behavior by making them react to different events. These are just a few examples of the creative ways to use wood in an exhibition stand.

Fluorescent Light:

Fluorescent colors are a great way to stand out at a trade show, as they reflect light well and create a halo around the stand. Fluorescent fabrics are increasingly being used across multiple sectors, from fashion to tech. A Superdry stand, for example, made use of fluorescent fabrics for its store of the future concept and used LED illuminated lightboxes to attract attention. Here are a few more inspiring stand design ideas.

Roll-up banners:

Follow these tips if you are unsure how to create a great banner for your exhibition stand. Choose a bold phrase or call to action that will make your visitors want to learn more about your company. You can include an additional handout or brochure next to your banner stand for more information. Your banner should be an attention-getter, so make sure that it delivers the right message with a single, strong call to action. A high-resolution photo is a must for your banner, as this will help your audience recall your message.