Tips to Make Your Child’s School Bag Last Longer

While there are many benefits to buying your child a new bag, you can extend the life of a school bag in Dubai by following some simple tips. Make sure the bag has a padded center pocket for heavy items and multiple pockets for lunch, stationery, and water. The weight of the bag should be evenly distributed. This will ensure that your child has an even balance when carrying it. Another way to extend the life of a school bag is to have your child cycle or walk to school rather than drive. It is also a great way to foster independence and time with friends.

Reflective pulls:

If you’re worried that your child’s school bag might get worn out, consider purchasing reflective pulls. These accessories can increase your child’s visibility and protect them from accidents. They are also great for safety. Adding reflective elements to your child’s backpack will help keep them visible to others, especially if they’re walking in the dark. Small reflective elements can be purchased at sporting goods stores and sewing and craft stores.

Sewn-in reflective tape:

If you’re looking for a way to make your child’s school bag last a little longer, you may want to look into the sewn-in reflective tape. These tapes contain tiny glass beads that reflect light to the source. Luckily, the material used to make sew-on reflective tape is highly flexible. It can reinforce various seams on a school bag or a sports glove.


Creating a clutter-free school bag for your child is not as difficult as you might think. First, declutter the contents of the school bag. Start by going through the pockets and compartments. Throw away unnecessary items that don’t belong in the bag, and write down what your child will need each day. You won’t have to waste time looking for lost items.

Wheeled bags:

A molded bottom adds strength and stability. A telescopic handle is an excellent addition for taller kids. Soft wheels make rolling easy. Be sure to choose a bag with a sturdy bottom and quiet wheels. Small wheels may be difficult to roll over rough terrain. The right combination of wheels and bottom will provide years of reliable use. It is important to choose a wheeled bag that is comfortable for your child to carry.