What Are The Most Common Flowers Used For Wedding Decorations?

Traditionally, peonies are pink and white, but nowadays, they come in other colors, such as coral, mahogany, and yellow. Peonies are divided into two types: herbaceous and tree. For weddings during the spring, ranunculus is a good option. They come in different colors and are usually used as accents in bouquets, but they can also be a great alternative if you’re on a budget. If you are into buying flowers, trust the best online flower delivery.


You can’t go wrong with daisies when selecting flowers for your wedding. This traditional flower is paired with many different color themes. Yellow flowers often go with daisies, as they pick up the golden tones of the daisy center. Daisies also make excellent pomander arrangements. And, if you’re looking for a slightly different flower for your bouquet, consider lavender. It is not only an attractive option for a bride’s bouquet but also works as a sachet.


While orchids are more associated with warmer climates, the bloom has been making its way into weddings around the globe. If you’re a frequent user of Pinterest and Instagram, you’ve probably seen many beautiful orchid wedding photos. Orchids have a dazzling variety of colors, textures, and shapes and can be used for various floral arrangements and bouquets.


This popular flower is famous in the world. Its sweet, floral scent makes it a beautiful choice for any wedding décor. Gardenias are often used as floating flowers for the bride’s bouquet or as an accessory for the hairpiece. They tend to bruise easily, so you should keep that in mind when choosing the type of flower to use.

Calla lilies:

The calla lily is a popular choice for bridal bouquets and centrepieces. These elegant flowers come in various colors: yellow, orange, dark purple, mauve pink, and rich purple. Their beauty and symmetry make them a popular choice. Calla lilies also require moist and humus-rich soil and full sun to grow and bloom properly.


Delphiniums are the most common flower at weddings. This perennial flower is known for its majestic qualities and lustrous foliage. It has carved a unique niche in wedding decor. Decor planners usually request large amounts of these flowers.