Naming personas in Narrandum

Choosing good names for your customer personas can take a while. We make it easy.

By Narrandum team
24 May 2020

Sometimes when making customer journey maps, we can get caught up on the smallest details and waste lots of time getting them just right. Naming personas is no exception. It's silly, but in journey mapping workshops, we've seen teams spend hours arguing back and forth over the right names! On the one hand, it's fun to see people get so invested in their characters, and really care about finding a name which suits their personality. On the other hand, as Shakespeare said, what's in a name? Most of us don't choose our own. If it doesn't seem to fit our character, or it becomes a negative stereotype through no fault of our own, we're stuck with it.

We're trying to make the fastest, most fun journey mapping tool in the universe, so we're always looking for ways to speed things up. If there's any way to avoid these time-consuming discussions, and speed up the process of persona creation just a little bit, we'll try to build them in. That way you can cut down on the debate and move on to more important things like mapping touchpoints or customer journey stages.

Did you know Narrandum allows you to generate persona names randomly? It's a cool little feature that's easy to use, and with 107 million possibilities, you're sure to come up with something unique!

Narrandum's persona name generator

When creating personas in Narrandum, it's extremely simple to give them a random name. From the "cast" screen, create a new character. You'll see that in the top right of the panel, their name is currently set to "New Character". How imaginative.

We can certainly do a little better than that. We could fill in anything we choose, but this time, let's entrust this character's name to Lady Luck. See that little dice icon next to the names? Give it a click and see what comes out!

There you go, New Character is now called Henry Sakus, or Jimbo Kahkonen, or Agnes Herrington. Whatever it is, it's pretty certain to be unique. And if you don't like what it comes up with, just keep clicking and surely something appropriate, intriguing or just plain funny will come along.

Choosing your own persona names

Of course, if you already have ideas for persona names, using them couldn't be simpler. Just type them in. And because Narrandum is the digital service design tool, everything can be changed or updated whenever new information comes to light. So feel free to just put in a placeholder and come back later when you have some better customer insights. Happy storytelling!

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