A persona generator with real character.

Breathe life into your customer journeys with Narrandum's persona creator.

More than just a paper profile.

Traditional personas can feel a little... one-dimensional.

By putting your stakeholders in neat categories, they can make you forget your customers are real people.

Often, they focus on the wrong things. You end up wasting time on details which don't have any impact on your customer journey map.

Persona templates are easy to find. They can show you how to create a persona. But Narrandum can do so much more.

Our unique character engine will guide and support you as you build personas that truly represent your customers.

Narrandum lets you create characters who are realistic and relevant.

Personalities with purpose.

With Narrandum, your customer archetypes aren't just decorations. They really matter.

Choose personality traits and interests for your personas from our huge, ever-growing character engine.

Give them names of your choice, or Narrandum can do it for you, with over 107 million possibilities!

See how the characters you built react to the events in your customer journey map.

We'll help you understand their needs, goals, hopes and fears.

Take the stage

Narrandum characters aren't just stock photos. They're endearing 3D models with little minds of their own.

Choose one of our hundreds of characters to represent your personas.

Build families or teams of as many individuals as you like.

Bring life to your user journey map by assigning them to your story, scene by scene.

Include your characters in multiple stories.

And present your customer journeys to stakeholders like never before with our unique Stage facility.

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