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presentations with Narrandum.

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Bring your customer journeys to life.

You've done the ideation, the co-creation, the deliberation. Now it's time for the presentation.

With Narrandum, you're guaranteed to make an impression on your key stakeholders and decision makers.

This is not your average slidshow. It's much more than just a flat service blueprint.

Narrandum gives you an entire 3D city to tell the story of your customer journey.

It's filled with locations where your characters work, spend, or just hang out.

Whether it's a cafe, a sports stadium or an airport, if your customers go there, you'll find it in our model town.

Personalities with purpose.

Narrandum is all about helping you to understand your customers.

Our unique Stage shows them, and their lives, in a real-world context.

You'll be able to see the world through your users' eyes like never before.

All of their goals, needs, and challenges play out in their 3D world.

There's no software to download, nothing to install. It all works beautifully in any modern browser.

Using the latest graphics libraries, everything runs smooth and fast in fullscreen.

It also works great on tablet, and even on most smartphones!

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